Five Benefits That Make Airtel Broadband Plans The Best

When you think of the best internet service provider in India, what would you think of? You are most likely to think of two things – speed and connectivity. No subscriber today wants to wait ages for a file to download or upload, and you, like everybody else would want to be connected 24-hours a day, and for all 86400 seconds of the day. An ISP has to offer consistency and connectivity at all times, because a student may have waited till the last moment to fill a form, or an employee may have taken longer than anticipated to finish a work assignment and it is important for him to submit the file without delay. Whatever the case may be, there is one network, which stands tall above its competition to offer the fastest speeds and uninterrupted connectivity at all times – Airtel.


Here we are listing the five reasons as to what makes Airtel Broadband Plans the best.

Speeds of up to 100 Mbps – As has been mentioned above, speed is the biggest factor to be considered while buying a broadband plan and Airtel has been offering speeds going up to 100 Mbps in several cities across the country. These speeds are possible with the help of v-fiber cables, which are basically copper cables, used to deliver consistent speeds, even during peak hours.  Airtel is the only company in India using the vectorization technology to deliver broadband.

Plans to suit different needs – Subscribers, using a broadband for the first time, to surfers whose life is Internet-dependent, Airtel provides a plan to meet all your needs. Broadband plans start for as low as INR 899 and can go up to INR1999, offering varying data amounts to ensure a person or a family or a business can choose broadband internet to meet their specific needs within their stipulated budgets.

The best customer care – Airtel is renowned for its exemplary pre-sales and after-sales services and is far above the rest of the Internet Service Providers when it comes to customer care. The 24-hour call center is there to answer queries and resolve issues, and engineers will come to your location as scheduled.

Services maximum locations – As one of the oldest Internet Service Provider in the country, Airtel has a vast network of cables laid across the country. All you need to do is go to the website, fill in your city and location and you will get information on the speeds and plans available in your area.

Extra benefits only Airtel provides – Airtel is the only company in India offering unlimited calling for both local and STD calls from its landline number. So, for a person staying at home, a phone connection is not necessary as they can use their landline to stay connected without spending an extra Rupee. Additionally the company is offering a modem at zero cost with all new connections. This saves on cost immensely.

As can be seen, it is the only company in India offering v-fiber cables for consistent and fastest speeds.  Add to the cost benefits of the Internet Service Provider, and you know you can never go wrong by choosing Airtel broadband plans.

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