High Speed Internet, Helping The People Of Tamilnadu

When it comes to discussing the impact of high-speed Internet connection on the lives of the people living in the rural parts of India, for instance in Tamilnadu, one thing is common, getting an Internet connection, that too on their mobile phones, is crucial for both the urban and rural people. The rural people of Tamilnadu or other states of India already live with fewer facilities and opportunities and with the help of an Internet connection they can access products and services which till now they only dreamed of.  The Indian Government realizing the mammoth scale of making Digital India a reality has roped in telecom companies such as Airtel to offer the fastest, most affordable, and best postpaid plans in Tamilnadu.

How Is Telecom Empowering The Rural Areas of Tamilnadu?

Telecom and Internet connectivity, are two interconnected influencer’s directly impacting the overall socio-economic growth for the state and country. It begins with simple idea of seamless, uninterrupted and unlimited connectivity. Connectivity is not limited to making calls, but can extend to using data to gather information, get an education and improve standard of living.  A person living in a remote area can buy a new postpaid connection and use it to gain access to resources for a business, buy higher grade equipment at lower prices and interact directly with their client base and do away with middlemen.


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Both the large farm owners and the peasants can experience the beneficial values of high-speed Internet access. Internet brings them information to help them plan their sowing and harvesting. It can help them plan their risks in a better way. They can follow weather forecasts, government policies as well as know the correct rates at which to sell the crops they are growing.

It is not like that the high-speed Internet access is helping out only the farmers of Tamilnadu, buying an postpaid plan can also help the different sectors of the industry improve and become successful. Industries which can benefit from the advent of fast Internet connectivity on their phones are the cottage industry, the dairy industry, fisheries, etc. Their dependency and ultimately chances of being exploited by fraudulent middlemen goes down considerably, and people can sell their stock directly to NGOs, or marketers.

Children, women and youth are some of the biggest beneficiaries of best postpaid plans. All the three groups can get substantial information with regards to their needs, while learning about the different opportunities available to them both within their area, or if they plan to shift to another area. A postpaid connection with unlimited local and STD calls further adds to the information flow, giving the group’s independence to achieve results with minimum help from local resources.

To sum it up, access to the Internet will open new windows of hope, better scope to expand a business, get resources and equipment at reasonable rate,  reduce dependency on middlemen and will lead the young generation towards a shining future. Free flow of knowledge and information will enable better prospects for the residents and a better economy for the people.

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