V-Fiber – The Technology That Offers Reliable Connectivity

What is V-Fiber Technology?

It uniquely combines Vectorization and Fiber technology which ultimately provides the best and fastest internet speed. With its subscription, one can witness faster downloads, quicker browsing, minimal video buffering and a lot more.

How this technology keeps Chennai connected?

The revolutionary V-Fiber technology not only gives you a smooth browsing experience but also reduces the prevailing regional disparities. Among many other cities, this technology is meeting the internet requirements of Chennai, the city that was hit by Cyclone Vardah in December 2016. Since Airtel is the only broadband provider offering these services, let’s see which of its services have connected the livelihood of people residing in Chennai.

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1. Reliable Cloud Access

It’s pivotal for businesses to make use of V-Fiber technology for reaching their customers without any delays. And when companies market their products and services via apps and websites, cloud emerges as a crucial business tool. As the start-ups, as well as established businesses in Chennai, have begun moving their services to the cloud, having a v-fiber connection has become completely mandatory.

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2. Amazing Speed

Fiber-optic technology offers faster internet speeds ranging anywhere from 5Mb/s to 100Gb/s and is provided by Airtel broadband Chennai. Such super-fast speeds don’t hamper the productivity of a business, even if there is an unreasonably high demand for internet at other places. From user’s perspective, such high speeds offer instant downloading of videos, audio clips, and bulky documents.

3. Best Signal Strength

Having a great signal strength paves your way for faster search results, no matter how far you are from the optic fiber switch. This is a sure-shot way of performing operational as well as business activities effectively. And this is the reason you need the best broadband.

4. Superb Bandwidth

Having a quick access to your cloud applications becomes relatively easier with V-fiber technology. As it offers amazing bandwidth facility, one can share captivating content and make video-calls irrespective of excessive demands faced by your network. Such quick transfer of information, be it formal or informal, certainly creates a relationship among people.

5. High-Definition Video

The optical fiber technology makes it simpler for small and big business tycoons to have a seamless communication via video conferencing. By using these HD services, they can save whopping amounts of money on their employees, which they would have to spend otherwise. On the other hand, even a layman can benefit from this mesmerizing HD video support by shedding a few pennies.

6. Safest Connectivity

If you are having a V-fiber connection, you don’t have to be insecure about somebody else using your internet. This helps the companies as well as common man to keep their connections and data secured from cyber-criminals and hackers.

Among the reputed telecom operators, Airtel is already providing its premium V-Fiber technology to cities such as Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. Soon, it will expand its services to several other cities to woo the users with its reliable broadband services.

Most of the internet service provider companies like Airtel provide the there services online also. You can talk to there customers through the live chat service providers. They will get back to you with there positive feedback.

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