Postpaid Connection Plans – Some Of The Best Ones in Chennai!

Chennai is essentially the last metropolitan city of southern India and is known to serve as the state capital of Tamil Nadu. Also known as India’s health capital, this city bustles with a massive population of about 4.5 million. Chennai is known to be the Gateway to Southern India and acts an important commercial hub. For what it’s worth, Chennai also ranks as one of the largest city economies of India while also being voted amongst the leading safe cities in India.

Given its status as a leading metropolitan, Chennai enjoys the best of amenities when it comes to infrastructure. Right from public utilities to local transportation services, from medical facilities to roads and flyovers, there is no aspect that the city seems to lag, and same is the case with mobile services. In fact, thanks to the competitive rates and the seamless services, it is rather easy to find the best postpaid plans in Chennai! Let us understand how.

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When looking for a postpaid plan in the city, any modern-day mobile user should necessarily look at an ideal mix of the below-mentioned facets -

  • Voice Calling Minutes
  • SMS (Text Messages)
  • Data Usage
  • Roaming Calls (Incoming and Outgoing)
  • Value Added Services

Now that you know what services to look for in an ideal plan, it is more than important for you to understand that your chosen plan must not only offer the perfect mix of these services but should also be fairly economical.  Since a postpaid plan usually needs the user to pay up a pre-decided monthly rental, it is more of a long-term commitment and therefore needs to be priced such that you, as a user, do not regret paying the amount month after month. And for what it’s worth, you should have a feeling of getting the best value for money, for your chosen plan!

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So what exactly are the best postpaid offers Chennai that one can enjoy? Well, here’s your answer!

Taking into consideration all of the aspects discussed above, myPlan Infinity offered by Airtel seems to be one of the most promising plans available in this metro city. For all we know, the plan offers both, high utility as well as astounding affordability, not to mention some added benefits, all of which make it more than alluring! For those who’re unaware of the intricacies of this plan, let us tell you, what exactly it encompasses.

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Being reasonably affordable as mentioned before, the monthly rental plans of Airtel start from as low as Rs. 299 a month. Under this plan, you are entitled to enjoy a total of 680 minutes per bill cycle, which can be used to make local as well as STD calls. In addition, you can also use free data, up to 0.6 GB. The next in the range is the monthly rental plan of Rs. 399. In this case, you will be offered a total of 765 minutes of free voice calls, complete with a data usage allowance of 1 GB. Both of these plans include free incoming calls on roaming, and outgoing calls at 80 paise per minute and 1.15 rupee per minute for local and STD calls respectively.

Next, comes the unlimited calling plans, which are offered at three distinct rates, Rs. 499 per month, Rs. 649 per month, and Rs. 799 per month. While all the plans offer unlimited voice calls, the data usage for each plan stands at 3GB, 5GB, and 7GB, along with an additional 30 GB of the Internet for a period of 3 months, for new users.

Thanks to the seamless services, combined with an impeccable mix of benefits, it can be easily said that myPlan Infinity of Airtel is the best postpaid plan in Chennai!

If you want to know more about the Airtel postpaid plans you could connect to customer agents via call or you could also contact through live chat plugin present on the website. They will always solve your query.

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