Get Extra 30 GB Bonus Data with Airtel’s Unlimited Postpaid Plans

In India customers are kings and queens as they look upon product after product, verifying the quality on offer and learning the details of the services offered. They are not happy to choose a product that does not meet their expectation of both price and services. Each customer demands the best value for the money they are willing to spend, and are not shy to shift brands, if the brands do not live up to their promises of high quality backed by exceptional services. Like all the other industries, the telecom industry has also gone out of its way to woo its high-demanding customers and keep them happy. The leading telecom players do this by ensuring clarity of calls, uninterrupted data services and excellent after-sales customer support. In fact, as you look up the different mobile plans, get ready for free data at the lowest possible prices specially designed to meet the expectations of high-on-demands customers.

Unlimited Postpaid Plans

One of the most interesting plans, fit to meet the ‘royal’ expectations of its customers are the postpaid unlimited plans. Also called as the unlimited STD plan/s, customers are entitled to make unlimited calls – both local and STD – from their mobiles throughout the month. Call up loved ones to talk for hours or call your acquaintances to keep in touch, reminisce with old friends or chat up with new ones; you don’t need to worry about exceeding your talk time and ending up with a hefty bill.

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But, enjoyment for a customer does not end with calls, especially in today’s time, when being connected is not all about calling and talking. It is also about the freedom to remain connected with the world via social media and messaging. Being connected does not end there. It also means access with just a click to all the information possible and all entertainment channels (movies, music, games, etc.). Your Internet data speeds and GB have to match your expectations and requirements. That’s why companies are offering free GB data for a month with unlimited calling plans.

It is true, you will be entitled to free data, every month if you buy a postpaid plan. Say you buy any unlimited postpaid plan, starting from Rs.499 then you are entitled to 10GB data for a month. That is not all, with this plan you are entitled to free unlimited calling for all your local and STD calls as well as incoming and outgoing roaming calls.  With this plan, the company is offering you 30GB data for three months if you use 4G. You can use 10GB data per month, if you are traveling to an international destination. Additionally, your existing plan will get rebooted if you run out of talk time and data in a foreign country, to ensure that you are connected at all times and are capturing and sharing each and every moment of your enjoyment.

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Enjoyment for customers of today’s postpaid plans is never ending. There are so many options to choose from that it can end up being more confusing. It actually, does not need to be. You first need to ensure that you know what your requirements are, and then weigh in the plan that meets your needs and choose it. Remember, you are being ‘wooed’ and it is the best time to be a customer . You should take full advantage of all the offers available, but, it is also very, very important that you choose your mobile service provider carefully. You don’t want up end of with a plan that offers you the free data, but is low on connectivity and is unable to deliver the speeds you are used to. What is the fun in that? So, choose your unlimited postpaid plan carefully and enjoy all the perks that come with being a consumer in the year 2017.

Airtel provide the there plans online as well as over the customer care also. You can talk to there customers through the website chat widget. They always try to response there customers and if weren’t able to they will get back to you with there positive feedback.

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