Mobile Apps – Changing The Way to Pay Bills Online

Internet has truly revolutionized the way we pay bills. We have come a long way from the days of personal digital assistants (PDAs). The first time telephone and aspects of PDA were combined in 1992 and within a short span of three years, smartphone took the Indian telecom market by a storm. Now 25 years later, Android, IOS and Windows operating systems have become the standard for mobile phones, we can do everything from paying bills to ordering grocery with the help of an application in our phones. The telecom giants ruling the Indian market now offer apps to directly engage with the customers while allowing them the convenience of paying bills at convenience..

Mobile Apps

Today everyone wants to reach and engage their customers with an app. For operators who want to sell their services or products it is an easy way to reach consumers; on the other hand, for consumers, it is a convenient option to access any kind of service with just a few clicks. Apps launched by telecom service providers allow users to do everything such as paying mobile bills, utility bills, etc., for a postpaid or a broadband connection. For example, My Airtel App version 4.2 runs on Android 4.2 and lets users make digital purchases, pay bills online, recharge their mobile connections and much more. It is a one stop solution for all users.

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Mobile Apps For android and iOS

The telecom provider has focused on simplicity for procedures with regards to enrolling or downloading. Fill an application form to enroll and get access to an account.

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Here are Some Specific Benefits of Using This Bill Payment App:

  • Through the app a user can manage and pay for their postpaid, prepaid and broadband accounts. Whether it is keeping track of one’s usage of data or talk time or becoming aware of new plans and services – a user can do everything with this one mobile app. The telecom operator has devised a simple way to increasing awareness and engagement with customers.
  • A user has access to entertainment options such as movies, music, live TV and games apart from paying bills with the e-wallet. The “my jackpot” offer available on the app will give users 5GB free data at night. Moreover, reward points are gained every time the user watches a movie, or plays a song or a game. Earn points while having fun!
  • The cash limit for the account holders is Rs. 1 Lakh. Additionally, users also get access to the e-wallet. If the customer has a myPlan family then they can pay the bills for all the users under one plan.
  • Prepaid users can have complete control over their data usage through this app. They will be provided with their data usage details and splits free of additional cost and this can be used to choose the recharge plans that cover their usage and provide maximum benefits.
  • The users can also switch to different plans through this app. The users can browse other plans and services through this application. So, they no longer need to go through IVR or a customer care executive for these things.

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A app that can be downloaded by a click and used with simplicity is what the telecom giant has given to all its customers. This app is meant to ease the procedure of online postpaid bill payment, a broadband bill payment or even pay utility bills that can sometimes take a backseat when one is busy with work and deadlines. The best part is that the Airtel Bill payment app can be used to make the payment at the user’s convenience, first thing in the morning, while driving to office or even when enjoying a much-awaited holiday.

To know more about the Airtel bill payment app you can talk to there customers through the live support software. They will get back to you with there positive feedback.

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